Distribution Channel

Independent Financial Advisers & Brokerage

We partner with leading Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) to provide financial planning, insurance and investment advice to suit customers’ various needs.

To provide our customers with the professional financial guidance and assistance, Aviva has formed partnerships with many leading Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) firms. Their in-depth experience with financial planning, insurance and investment knowledge help our customers make smart decisions about their important financial planning matters. The products offered include:


1 Aviva reserves the right to approve and stop offering this plan at any time and without prior notice. Receiving the premium does not represent the acceptance of one’s application for this plan.



Independent Financial Advisers & Brokerage- “IncomePro Insurance Plan” Product Launch Cocktail Party

To celebrate the launch of IncomePro Insurance Plan (“IncomePro”), a product launch cocktail event was held on 2 April 2014.

Besides celebrating the launch of new product, the senior management team of Aviva Hong Kong also took this opportunity to thank for our independent financial adviser (“IFA”) partners’ support and further demonstrated our commitment to develop the IFA sales channel.

In order to provide a better understand to the guests, a detailed introduction on IncomePro’s product features, market propositions and key selling points were delivered by the Head of IFA Distribution. Lastly, a lucky draw ended the event with a remarkable closing. Everyone had a fun and wonderful evening!