Aviva Newsroom - 2 June 2007

Aviva, the first insurer committed to be "carbon neutral" worldwide joins hand with Friends of the Earth (HK) to improve air quality

2 June 2007

(Hong Kong - June 2, 2007) Aviva Life Insurance Company Limited ("Aviva"), today announced its partnership with leading local environmental group, Friends of the Earth (HK) ["FoE (HK)"], aiming to help improve the air quality of the territory.

As an initial step, Aviva patrons FoE (HK) as a Jupiter Earth Partner. It is also the first business corporation to sponsor and actively participate in the Power Smart Contest and is rallying employees and business partners to support the same.

Power Smart Contest, now in its second year running, asks participants to cut their electricity spending by at least 3 percent when compared with corresponding period of the previous year. It is part of FoE (HK)'s efforts in spreading out messages to cherish valuable resources, reduce energy wastage and most importantly, mitigate air pollution in Hong Kong. (Details and entry forms can be downloaded from: )

Mr Simon Phipps, General Manager, Aviva Life Insurance Company Ltd, said, "Globally, environmental protection is a major concern for Aviva. We believe that climate change is the most critical environmental challenge facing the world. As a forward thinking company, we are playing our part in addressing this issue."

"Our parent company, Aviva plc, is the first insurer in the world to commit to be ‘carbon neutral' for its operations worldwide. And I'm pleased to announce today our intention as a young and growing company in Hong Kong to be carbon neutral too. In Hong Kong, we understand that a significant amount of our air pollution actually results from the burning of fossil fuels during the generation of electricity, hence we decided to form a partnership with FoE (HK) to tackle air pollution issues" he said.

Mr Edwin Lau, Director of FoE (HK), said, "It is a matter of our mind-set change. Using energy wisely is the most cost-effective means to curb emissions of greenhouse gas and other pollutants and at the same time improve the air quality."

A total of 10 Aviva Power Smart kids - children of Aviva's staff - were dressed up as electrical appliances and paraded in Causeway Bay to provide the public with practical tips for the reduction of energy consumption. According to FoE (HK), if done properly, each household can generate savings of approximately 30 percent on electricity bills. (For the power saving tips, please refer to page 3.)

In addition, Aviva has initiated a Dollar Matching Scheme whereby for the dollars saved by Aviva's staff and business partners on their electricity bill in the Power Smart Contest, Aviva will donate the same amount to FoE (HK) to fund more projects to make Hong Kong a better place to live and work in.

According to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Census and Statistics Department, the number of private household rose by 34% between 1994 and 2004, but the electricity consumption in lighting by private homeowners grew by 213%. The partnership urged that changes should be made in our power consumption pattern to conserve our valuable resources.

10 Practical Tips to Save 30% from Your Electricity Bill


Aviva Power Smart Kids

  Electrical appliance Power saving tips
1 Laptop computer Turn it off when it is not in use
2 Desktop computer Enable its sleep mode
3 Air-conditioner Set it at 25 °C
4 Air conditioner Set it at 1°C higher and you will save 3% electricity
5 Television Switch it off before you go to bed
6 Refrigerator Choose the one with Grade 1 Energy Efficient Label
7 Printer Unplug it when it is not in use
8 Washing machine Use cold water for washing
9 Lighting Use energy-saving lights to save 70% electricity
10 Electric Fan Use fans instead of air-conditioners

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