Aviva Newsroom - 11 March 2009

Aviva and HKU Jointly Take The Lead on Tacking Air Pollution

Hong Kong's first environmentally-friendly junk setting sail in Victoria Harbour today

11 March 2009

Today marks an important day for environmentalists in Hong Kong as Aviva launches Hong Kong's first "green" junk. Since 2008, Aviva and HKU have been working together on converting a conventional junk into a green one by installing numerous cutting-edge, renewable energy and energy efficiency devices.

"Through the collaboration with HKU, we hope to make use of the Aviva Junk to bring the very important issue of environmental protection to the forefront before it is too late," says Aviva Hong Kong's Managing Director Simon Phipps at the launch event.

The core renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies installed in the first phase of the project are 10 solar panels and two sets of micro wind turbines (8 wheels each), which are used for powering the TV and the lighting devices on the junk, including LED display boards, staircase lights, spot lights on the ceiling, etc.

The junk is also the first sea vehicle in Hong Kong to run on a B5 biodiesel blend (5% bio-diesel and 95% ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD). The biodiesel used on the junk is refined from wasted cooking oil collected from restaurants, which is non-toxic and biodegradable. The blend ratio B5 will be used on the junk for a trial period, after which the biodiesel proportion will be raised gradually. According to proven experience, the use of biodiesel will effectively reduce the emission of pollutants including unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, smoke and particulates.

Mr. Phipps said the junk is a big step forward towards raising awareness of environmental issues, but the company's efforts in tackling air pollution don't end there.

"The launch of the 'green' junk is only the beginning of a long but vital journey in environmental protection. Going forward, we intend to devote even more of our time and resources on promoting environmental issues, particularly the significant issue of air pollution in Hong Kong," he continued.

In addition to using the junk as a test site for further research on the use of biodiesel in marine engines, dark smoke emission reduction, and wind power conversion efficiency, Aviva will be jointly organising educational tours with primary and secondary schools, and training its own staff to lead the tours. A number of schools and non-profit organisations, including the 1590th Hong Kong Scout Group (part of the Scout Association of Hong Kong), have already confirmed participation in the first education tour in May.

"HKU is active in the teaching of and research on energy efficiency, clean energy and renewable energy. We look forward to developing more leading-edge technologies for the junk and, more importantly, to jointly tackle environmental issues with Aviva," said Dr. Michael Leung, Assistant Professor at HKU.

"Our commitment to providing prosperity and peace of mind to our customers extends beyond our products and services to protecting our environment. Aviva takes seriously our responsibility to do the most we can to protect the environment, to educate younger generations about the importance of environmental protection and to encourage the community to work with us in doing so," Mr. Phipps concluded.

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