Aviva Newsroom - 5 March 2013

Aviva Hong Kong launches ‘WealthGainer RMB Income Insurance Plan’

Features dual benefits of guaranteed annual income and potential RMB appreciation

Product information:

The continued appreciation of Reminbi (RMB) in recent years has led to a surging demand for RMB insurance products. Subsequent to the successful launches of two short-term saving plans in the last two years, Aviva Hong Kong1 today announced the introduction of another RMB3 saving insurance plan ‘WealthGainer RMB Income Insurance Plan’ (‘WealthGainer RMB’) with annual guaranteed income. On top of the opportunity to leverage on the potential appreciation of RMB, the policyholders can also enjoy an on-going annual guaranteed cash income, making this new plan particularly suitable for those looking for stable return and diversified wealth management portfolio.

WealthGainer RMB requires only 2 years of premium payment, while providing coverage and income for a period of 10 policy years. Starting from the 2nd policy anniversary, WealthGainer RMB distributes guaranteed cash coupons4 which is equivalent to 5% of the Total Guaranteed Amount5. The policyholders can choose to leave the guaranteed cash coupons with Aviva for interest6 and wealth accumulation. Or they have the option to withdraw the guaranteed cash coupons anytime in meeting their financial needs. If the policyholders have prepaid the 2nd year premium7 during policy application, the guaranteed annualised return at maturity can be up to 2.8% p.a.8. In comparing with other RMB insurance products, the policy term of WealthGainer RMB is relatively modest. The policyholders will, therefore, be more flexible in their wealth management.

Application for WealthGainer RMB is simple and easy, as medical underwriting is waived. Adding that the policy can be issued for the life assured of up to age 70 (age next birthday), the plan can also be taken up by senior group or those to-be-retired. Besides, WealthGainer RMB also provides extra protection to the policyholders and their beloved ones. As a peace of mind, a Death Benefit9 will be paid to the beneficiary in lump sum in case of any unfortunate event that the life assured passes away.

To better cater for policyholders’ financial planning, the contract currency of WealthGainer RMB is Chinese Yuan (CNY) while premium and benefit settlement can be made in CNY or HKD. With the minimum annual premium as low as ¥20,383, the policyholders can start their saving plan with ease.

This plan is offered with limited quota10. For any enquiries about ‘WealthGainer RMB Income Insurance Plan’, please refer to the terms and conditions and product documentation, or call Aviva’s customer hotline on (852) 3550-9600.

1. Aviva Life Insurance Company Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UK’s largest2 insurer Aviva plc.
2. Source: 2011 Aviva plc annual>
3. The contract currency of WealthGainer RMB is Chinese Yuan (CNY). In this document, CNY is also referred to as Renminbi, RMB or ¥.
4. Provided that the policy is still in force and all premiums are paid in full when due. Please refer to the relevant product terms and conditions for details.
5. Total Guaranteed Amount is the total guaranteed cash receivable from this policy, which is specified in the relevant policy schedule.
6. The accumulation interest rate is not guaranteed and can be changed from time to time by Aviva.
7. The prepaid amount can enjoy a 4% p.a. guaranteed accumulation interest rate. Except the 1st year and discounted prepaid 2nd year premium, no additional premium will be accepted. The prepaid 2nd year premium CANNOT be withdrawn unless the policy is surrendered and the prepaid premium amount will be subject to a withdrawal charge of 4.5%. For the purpose of calculating death benefit, any prepaid premium under the policy will not be considered as paid until such premium is actually due.
8. Only applicable to the policy with the 2nd year premium prepaid during policy application and assume all guaranteed cash coupons are withdrawn upon declared. Maturity value, cash surrender value and all other benefits payable under the policy will be calculated or paid in the said contract currency. Due to exchange rate fluctuation, there is a risk that you could lose a substantial portion of such value or benefit (in terms of HKD) if CNY depreciates substantially against HKD.
9. Any indebtedness will be deducted from any payment made by Aviva. Please refer to the relevant product benefit illustration and terms and conditions for details.
10. Aviva reserves the right to approve and stop offering this plan, WealthGainer RMB, at any time without prior notice. The receiving of premiums does not represent the acceptance of application for this plan.


Policy term 10 years
Premium term 2 years
Issue age (age next birthday)  
  • Life assured: 1-70
  • Policyholder: 19 or above
Minimum/ maximum Total Guaranteed Amount
  • Minimum: ¥50,000 (per policy), equivalent to annual premium of ¥20,383,
  • Maximum: ¥10,000,000 (per assured)
Guaranteed Annualized Return at maturity
  • 2.8% (assuming the 2nd year premium is prepaid at policy application and guaranteed cash coupon is withdrawn upon declared)

The above information is for reference only. For details, please refer to the terms and conditions of the policy which will be made available by Aviva.


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We are the UK’s largest insurer and one of Europe’s leading providers of life and general insurance1 .

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