Aviva Newsroom - 8 April 2013

Aviva Hong Kong launches ‘Enricher Savings Insurance Plan’

Enjoy guaranteed lifelong1 annual income from first policy anniversary and more financial management flexibility

Customers with new successfully applied policy further enjoy amazing prizes worth over HK$300,000 in total plus exclusive invitation to community event

Features dual benefits of guaranteed annual income and potential RMB appreciation

Product information:

Subsequent to the encouraging response to the participating savings insurance plan featuring guaranteed lifelong1 income launched last year, Aviva Hong Kong, the wholly-owned subsidiary of the UK’s largest2 insurer Aviva plc, today announced the introduction of another savings insurance plan, namely ‘Enricher Savings Insurance Plan’ (‘Enricher Savings’). The new plan is also characterised with offer of annual income from the first policy anniversary, which is among one of the earliest and more frequent distribution plans on the market, to meet with the needs of customers looking for more flexibility and diversity in their financial management. Customers who successfully applied for a new policy during the promotion period will further have a chance to enter ‘Enrich You Life Lucky Draw’ (‘Lucky Draw’) to win fabulous prizes of over HK$300,000 in total and be exclusively invited to upcoming community events organized by Aviva Hong Kong.

Enricher Savings offers lifelong1 guaranteed cash coupons3,4, which is equivalent to 6% of the sum assured5, annually starting from the first policy anniversary. On top of guaranteed return, this plan also offers non-guaranteed annual dividends3,4,6 for policyholders to enjoy future upside. Policyholders will have the option to withdraw or leave the guaranteed cash coupons and annual dividends with Aviva for interest7 accumulation. No matter it is for caring parents or for pre-retiring group, Enricher Savings can help them to achieve their financial goals at different time.

To provide a peace of mind to the life assured and their family, Enricher Savings offers lifelong1 protection and free terminal illness benefit3,8 with the premium term as short as 5 years. The issue age of the life assured ranges from the minimum of one month old to the maximum of 70 years old. The application is simple as medical underwriting is waived.

Enrich Your Life Lucky Draw
To celebrate the launch of a series of savings plans in recent months, Aviva runs simultaneously fabulous “Enrich Your Life Lucky Draw: From today through 31 May 2013, (‘Promotion Period’), customers who have successfully applied for any new non investment-linked life insurance plans (collectively, ‘Aviva Insurance Plans’ 9), with the first year total annualised premium for a single policy equals to HK$10,000 or above, can participate in the ‘Enrich Your Life Lucky Draw’10.

The 60 amazing prizes up for grabs in the Lucky Draw are worth over HK$300,000 in total. They include 999.9 yellow gold bar (1st prize worth HK$100,000), Star Cruises – Superstar Virgo Fly/Cruise Package (2nd prize worth HK$33,960), luxury watch (3rd prize worth HK$19,800). Other fabulous prizes include Star Cruises – Star Pisces One Night Cruise Package, fitness centre membership, tablet computer, and shopping vouchers, etc. The more applications one applies, the more chances one will win10!

In addition, to provide a unique chance for the customers to experience more enriching moments, Aviva Hong Kong will extend an exclusive invitation to the first 50 policyholders eligible for the Lucky Draw to an upcoming community event11 jointly run with The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong and donate HK$200 to the charity on behalf of each of those policyholders.

For details and terms and conditions of ‘Enricher Savings Insurance Plan’ and ‘Enrich Your Life Lucky Draw’, please visit, or send an email to

1. Means the life assured reaches age 99 (i.e. the policy anniversary on which the life assured reaches age 99 at next birthday basis).
2. Source: 2012 Aviva plc annual report.
3. Any indebtedness will be deducted from any payment made by Aviva.
4. Provided that the policy is still in force and all premiums are paid in full when due.
5. The sum assured is used for calculating the amount of guaranteed cash coupons only, which is not equal to the amount of premium paid.
6. The annual dividends are based on Aviva’s current dividend scales and are not guaranteed. The scales can be changed from time to time by Aviva.
7. The accumulation interest rate is not guaranteed and can be changed from time to time by Aviva.
8. For the definition of terminal illness, please refer to the terms and conditions of the policy which will be made available by Aviva. Please note that the policy will be terminated upon diagnosis of terminal illness of the life assured. The terminal illness benefit is not available to nationals and / or residents of Mainland China or the life assured age 65 (age next birthday) or above.
9. Exclusive of PayCheck Insurance Plan and SaveEnhancer Insurance Plan.
10. The number of entry into the lucky draw is based on the number of policies that customers have successfully applied and the amount of annualised premium pursuant to the requirements as set out in the lucky draw’s terms and Conditions (“Requirements), (i.e. a lucky draw entry for every HK$10,000 first year total annualised premium per one single policy but not by aggregating multiple policies). Each new customer can be entitled to a maximum of 3 entries subject to the Requirements. Each existing customer (whose policy(ies), including policy(ies) in premium holiday, in/are in-force on or before 1 April 2013), can be entitled to an additional lucky draw entry on top of the said 3 entries subject to the Requirements (i.e. maximum 4 entries). For avoidance of doubt, an existing customer will be entitled to 4 entries for either 1 new single policy with HK$30,000 first year total annualised premium or 3 new policies each with HK$10,000 first year total annualised premium. For more details please refer to the terms and conditions of the lucky draw.
11. The first 50 customers eligible for the Lucky Draw will be notified separately.


Premium terms 5 years 10 years 15 years
Issue age (ANB) 1 month to age 70 1 month to age 65 1 month to age 60
Policy term Up to age 99
Currency HKD / USD
Minimum sum assured (per policy) HKD 50,000 / USD 6,300


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