Aviva Newsroom - 9 June 2015


Aviva Hong Kong1 launches ‘MyWealth Prime Savings Insurance Plan’
Features 3-year short premium payment period
For dual benefits of long-term wealth accumulation and lifelong protection


Aviva Hong Kong, the wholly-owned subsidiary of the UK’s largest2 insurer Aviva plc, announced the introduction of ‘MyWealth Prime Savings Insurance Plan’ (“MyWealth”). With premium payment term of just 3 years, the policyholders are entitled to both terminal dividends and guaranteed cash value, enjoying continuous wealth accumulation hassle-free while getting lifelong protection.

Insurance plans in the market are usually designed with a premium payment period of more than 3 years. The newly launched MyWealth features a relatively short payment period of 3 years only. Customers also have the flexibility to choose from installment payment or paying the premiums in a lump sum, whichever best meets their financial planning.

In addition, MyWealth has simplified long-term wealth accumulation and lifelong protection for policyholders, making it easier for them to set and achieve saving targets at different stages of their life. Starting from the third policy year, MyWealth offers guaranteed cash value until policy maturity which will increase steadily throughout the policy terms. This new plan will also pay out non-guaranteed terminal dividend, further boosting the wealth and protection of the life assured. Effective from the third policy anniversary onwards, the terminal dividend will be distributed if the policy reaches maturity, or when the policy is surrendered or the life assured passes away3 before its maturity date.

MyWealth features not only saving and long-term wealth accumulation but also lifelong protection. In the unfortunate event that the life assured passes away, the plan will pay the designated beneficiary a lump sum death benefit4 to relieve the financial burden of his/her family.

Application for this new plan is simple, as medical examination is waived.

Customers can enjoy a 9% discount on the annualized first year premium during the promotion period. For enquiries about the promotion or the plan, please contact Aviva Hong Kong’s Customer Service Hotline on (852) 3550-9888.

1  “Aviva Hong Kong” refers to Aviva Life Insurance Company Limited.
2  Based on operating profit in the financial reports of Aviva plc and Friends Life Group Limited as at 31 December 2014 prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.
3  Terminal dividend will be payable only if terminal dividend plus guaranteed cash value as at the date of death of life assured is greater than 105% of total premiums paid and due.
4  Indebtedness shall be deducted from the amount payable by Aviva Hong Kong.

About Aviva plc

Aviva plc is the UK’s largest insurers and provides life and general insurance, savings, investment products and asset management for some 34 million customers* in 16 countries across Europe, Asia and North America. Aviva plc’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange and it remains a member of the FTSE100 index. Aviva plc is committed to creating a bright and sustainable future for its customers, employees and communities.

*  Following the merger with Friends Life Group Limited on 13 April 2015, before removal of duplication of Aviva plc and Friends Life Group Limited customers.